Grenfell Tower Tribute

Grenfell Tower Grenfell Tower block, twenty-four floors high One complete disaster and people die How could this go so very wrong The PEOPLE of Chelsea & Kensington, remain strong. Whilst the fire frantically raged Most occupiers remained stranded and caged As the emergency services sweated and toiled They were thwarted ….and potential rescues were foiled. So many people have perished and tragically died An outpouring of grief, ….sadness and people cried. For lost one’s who succumbed to the billowing smoke With ferocious flames, wrapping around the tower,…… ‘a dark menacing cloak’; How could this happen in this day and age People’s misery and pain turning to rage During the recovery, those a

Be careful, some Fire Risk Assessments aren't worth the tick box they are written on!

Following comments received on the Institution of Fire Engineers Group Forum as a professional & experienced Fire Risk Assessor I am dismayed along with others with the attempt that some Owners, Occupiers, Tenants will adopt cheap on-line templates which encourage the non-professional to have a go at doing their own Fire Risk Assessment with no comprehension or understanding of Fire Strategy, Fire Systems or Fire Safety Principles. From my own personal experience I was amazed to hear a director of a 35-45 bedded Residential Care Home say he was sending his 'maintenance man' on a 2 day Fire Risk Assessment course in order that he could then conduct a Fire Risk Assessment. To undertake a small

Tamworth care home residents rescued after fire in April 2017

Fire was caused by carelessly discarded smoking materials At least 25 residents were evacuated from a care home after a large fire tore through the property. Seven were taken to hospital, two in a serious condition, after the fire at Standon House Care Home in Tamworth, Staffordshire, on Saturday night. (April 2017) The fire was accidental, caused by "poorly discarded smoking materials," Staffordshire Fire and Rescue Service said. All residents were moved to alternative accommodation, police said. About 20 firefighters were sent to the property, which suffered "very considerable" damage, the ambulance service said. Observers indicate that staff did well to evacuate occupants. Management cont

Care home fire safety 'horrifying' in London-BBC News, London - Article from July 2011

Dozens of care homes across London have been ordered to improve after failing to achieve even basic fire safety standards, a BBC investigation has learned. After hospitals, firefighters consider care homes to present the single greatest risk to life of any public buildings. Residents are often elderly, fragile or mentally ill. But 29 care homes in the city have been discovered not reaching basic standards since 2010.(12 months) The London Fire Brigade (LFB) issued each of the homes - many of which were breaching the law - with a legal Enforcement Order, compelling them to make changes. The homes were guilty of breaches including: No fire escape plans No training for staff No marked fire exit

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