Ignorance is no defence - Make sure your premises is Fire Compliant.

In the busy workplace environment, as an employer, owner, tenant or occupier for all non-residential premises where you have 5 or more employees, ensure you have a Fire Risk Assessment document that is 'Suitable & Sufficient' and is completed by a 'Competent & Qualified Person'. Ensure that all staff are trained in Fire Safety and that you have sufficient Fire Wardens. Failure to meet these requirement may lead to prosecution, fines or imprisonment. To meet your RISK ASSESSMENT & FIRE SAFETY/WARDEN requirements & stay within the law. CONTACT: elfyn.edwards@btinternet.com

CQC criticises care home for fire safety - Is your NHS registered property compliant?

Staff not adequately trained:- No Fire Risk Assessment:- A care home in Enfield has been warned by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) over its dangerous fire safety practices, and been told it requires improvement. The CQC visited the Elmhurst Residential Home, which houses 14 people with dementia, in June 2016, where it found a lack of suitable planning in the event of a fire. The report stated: “There were no risk assessments or plans to evacuate the people in the event of a fire. “Most staff had not received training in fire safety and staff were not aware on how to evacuate people that lacked in mobility living in the upper floors. “We found a person was high risk of causing fire and a ri

Landlord fined £165K for Fire Safety breaches

A rogue landlord in the Kensington area of London has been fined more than £150,000 after cramming 18 tenants into a flat.It was subdivided using flimsy pieces of plasterboard as makeshift partitions to create 14 rooms, which were lived in by 18 people.There were no fire doors, smoke detectors or alarms in the flat which had one kitchen shared by all the tenants.Due to the way the flat had been subdivided, some rooms had no electric light fittings in the ceiling, which meant extension leads and trailing wires running through the property.The conditions were deemed so dangerous environmental health officers from the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea issued a Prohibition Order to prevent

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