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CQC criticises care home for fire safety - Is your NHS registered property compliant?

Staff not adequately trained:-

No Fire Risk Assessment:-

A care home in Enfield has been warned by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) over its dangerous fire safety practices, and been told it requires improvement.

The CQC visited the Elmhurst Residential Home, which houses 14 people with dementia, in June 2016, where it found a lack of suitable planning in the event of a fire.

The report stated: “There were no risk assessments or plans to evacuate the people in the event of a fire.

“Most staff had not received training in fire safety and staff were not aware on how to evacuate people that lacked in mobility living in the upper floors.

“We found a person was high risk of causing fire and a risk assessment had not been completed to mitigate this risk. Fire evacuation equipment had not been installed to evacuate people in the event of a fire.”

The inspection also found that contingency for individual patients who suffered from disabilities were not made in the event of a fire.

It went on to state: “Personal Emergency Evacuation Plans had not been completed in full to determine how to evacuate people in the event of an emergency.

Risk assessments were not always being updated to reflect people’s current circumstances and health needs.”

A care home has been told it “requires improvement” after an inspection found it had flawed fire safety plans. Elmhurst Residential Home, in Queens Road, Enfield, received a surprise inspection from the Care Quality Commission (CQC) on June 28 2016, with the report published on August 10, 2016. The inspector, described by the CQC as “a specialist advisor in nursing and an expert by experience”, was critical of a lack of risk assessments or plans in case of fire.They said Elmhurst, which is home to 14 people with dementia, housed three residents on upper floors despite them having limited mobility, and there were no plans for evacuating them in an emergency.


Contact Agile Fire Safety email;

Original sources: CQC | Enfield Independent

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