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Grenfell Tower Tribute

Grenfell Tower

Grenfell Tower block, twenty-four floors high

One complete disaster and people die

How could this go so very wrong

The PEOPLE of Chelsea & Kensington, remain strong.

Whilst the fire frantically raged

Most occupiers remained stranded and caged

As the emergency services sweated and toiled

They were thwarted ….and potential rescues were foiled.

So many people have perished and tragically died

An outpouring of grief, ….sadness and people cried.

For lost one’s who succumbed to the billowing smoke

With ferocious flames, wrapping around the tower,…… ‘a dark menacing cloak’;

How could this happen in this day and age

People’s misery and pain turning to rage

During the recovery, those affected will require support over a period of time

Whilst others will be asked questions about Regulation, standards, safety or possible crime?

An Inquiry has been called to deliver the facts and tell the tale,

People must be given the truth and allow JUSTICE to prevail

Where fire raged…… it spread so fast

We grieve….. for those who tragically past

They should have been able to escape …….and survive

Lead their lives….. and be able to thrive

They didn’t have a chance…..amongst the fear

We will remember THEM ALL and keep dear

Where once, there were flames lighting up the sky at night

Now….. THEIR STARS…. shine so bright

Out of the darkness, communities will rise…….. a ‘flicker’ …...a ‘flame’

Be steadfast and strong,……provide comfort to each other and remember…… ‘In their name’

In memory to those who have suffered and lost loved ones at Grenfell

Words of Retired Fire Officer Elfyn Edwards

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