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Make sure your business or organisation has a Fire Risk's the law!

There is a legal requirement for employers, service providers and building owners to ensure you have an up to date (annual) FIRE RISK ASSESSMENT (FRA) for your premises. Failure to have a written FRA, when you have 5 or more employees or where you require a licence (eg landlord, care provider, liquor or food etc) means that you could be breaking the law.

Prosecution and Fines for any fire safety breaches are huge & can be in excess of £100k and possible imprisonment for severe breaches.

If you are the 'responsible person' for a HMO, CARE HOME, HOTEL, SCHOOL, FACTORY, SHOP or any other business please make sure you get yourself a FIRE RISK ASSESSMENT. A professionally laid out document can save you £1,000's.

CONTACT for a professional FIRE RISK ASSESSMENT, Fire Safety Training or any Fire Safety Advice

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