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Shocking news - Recently visited a 40+ bed care home-Handyman did Fire Risk Assessment after 2 day t

Following a visit to a large 40+ bed care home in my local area recently & speaking to the Owner (cannot refer to him as the 'Responsible Person', because he did not see the Fire Risk Assessment more than a tick box exercise which he said his handyman completed!)

I was stunned. He clearly paid no respect to his position & responsibility for the safety & care of the residents. Even though I pointed out the obvious pitfalls & inexperience of a non expert, conducting a fire risk assessment the owner felt he had complied with his legal requirement.

We don't have to look far to see the potential risk & tragedies that occur in Care homes. One recent fire took place in Chingford Essex Care Home. A resident died in the fire which broke out at a home for people with learning disabilities.The huge blaze started in Connington Crescent, Chingford, north-east London, at 02:14 BST and was out by 05:24. Eight residents and four carers managed to get out of the three-storey building before firefighters arrived.

The cause of fire at Chingford has not been published, ........nevertheless.............................................. any Fire Risk Assessment undertaken at any CARE HOME, RESIDENTIAL ACCOMMODATION, SCHOOL or NURSERY etc ......must be undertaken by an EXPERIENCED & QUALIFIED FIRE RISK ASSESSOR.

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