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7 Duties of a Fire Warden

Fire wardens play an important role in ensuring your business is prepared for a fire emergency. Along with your emergency plan, fire wardens are an important risk control measure to ensure that your workplace is prepared should an emergency situation, potentially a fire, occur.

Key duties of fire wardens include:

  • to assist in implementing and improving effective emergency procedures in your workplace;

  • to help prevent emergencies by monitoring the adequacy of the fire risk control measures;

  • to raise awareness with other staff about the fire hazards that exist in your workplace;

  • to instruct workers in how to respond in an emergency;

  • to lead the fire drills and real evacuation procedures – they must be familiar with all escape routes and exits from their designated area;

  • to ensure all workers are accounted for during an evacuation; and

  • to assist all people in the workplace should an emergency occur, including assisting people with special needs, e.g. helping someone in a wheelchair to evacuate.

If the fire alarm is sounded, fire wardens have a duty to assist in the safe evacuation of workers and visitors from your workplace immediately, and to ensure that their designated area has been cleared.


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